Roudolf Kharatian’s transcultural and innovative approach to the arts is at the core of the Center’s concept. A native of Yerevan, Armenia, he is an internationally celebrated choreographer, teacher, artist and director. Kharatian’s clear understanding of the revolutionary changes needed in the mentality and methodology of how art is created, performed and taught, led to his envisioning a center for the performing arts that will provide a stable foundation for constant development in sync with international trends and advances.


“We must take ownership of our values and present them as our inseparable participation in world development”.

Roudolf Kharatian

Armenia’s most important characteristic is its position as a bridge connecting North and South, East and West. Ever resilient, Armenia is rising again, attracting international attention for innovation. Thus, the Kharatian Experiential Center for the Performing Arts will foster the development of new designs, ideas, and movements and be an incubator for creativity, giving rise to the greatest artistic achievements world over.



This city of masters, culture, art and humour can become the engine for creative developments in Armenia, reasserting its position as an important crossroad for culture and innovation for the world at large.

By planning for arts and culture now, the city looks to build upon existing assets and further strengthen Gyumri’s brand.


Background Information

The art of ballet is an infinite realm of emotions that can touch hearts, minds and spirits, and a unique tool to present our national consciousness and values to the world. Using the universal language of dance, ballet can tell our nation’s

stories, presenting its spiritual values, heritage, strength and millennial history, legends and fairy tales, mystical ancient rituals, codes and symbols, and national mission. The art of ballet has the power to awaken creative abstract thinking and can become a means of self-discovery, regeneration, self-realization, education and empowerment for the Armenian nation.

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Short Description

Ballet 2021 is a non-profit founded in 2012 by Roudolf Kharatian to support, develop and expand the art of ballet in Armenia. Activities include periodic work with internationally-renowned choreographers, teachers/repetiteurs and dancers;

international collaborations and co-productions in Armenia and abroad; innovative programming in order to raise public awareness of and broaden interest in ballet; and presenting world-class Armenian art on the international stage.

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The foundation’s mission is to promote the development of ballet in Armenia as a higher artform, thereby contributing to strengthening the spiritual and to inspire and educate the Armenian people through the building of their cultural heritage.

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Ballet 2021 successfully created and produced ballet productions and world-class cultural events of international scope that brought tangible and substantive change to the Armenian art in general and ballet specifically.

In addition to the creation of new productions, Ballet 2021 has produced and realized educational, public and outreach programs. These programs, as well as the successful world premieres of Two Suns and La Boheme, clearly demonstrate the ability of Ballet 2021 to initiate, create, and produce cultural programs that benefit the public good as well as contribute to the wider culture industry of Armenia.

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Established Partnerships and Relationships:

Ballet 2021 has an ongoing relationships with the National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet; ARKA Ballet, Washington, D.C.; The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia; Hirair and Anna Hovanian Foundation, IDeA Foundation, Armenian General Benevolent Union, European Union in Armenia and a number of corporate sponsors.

Prior Grants and Funding:

  • The Ministry of Culture of Armenia (2012) 1,000,000 drams. Spirit in Motion,
    Gala Evening.
  • USA State Department, USA Embassy to Armenia (2013) 7,783,025
    drams. Rock the Ballet and La Revancha del Tango.
  • Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Foundation (2015) 52,961,441 drams. “Two Suns”
    International ballet project.
  • State Commission on Coordination of the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian
    Genocide (2015) 65,861,000 drams. “Two Suns” International ballet project
  • “Initiatives for Development of Armenia” (2016) 3,795,500 drams. Participation
    in the Aurora Prize Program for Awaking Humanity.
  • “Yerevan Brandy Company” (2017) 8,000,000 drams. Co-financing with the
    Ministry of Culture for the realization of “La Boheme” ballet production.
  • European Union grant provided through AGBU Armenia’s Bridge for CSOs
    program (2018) 18,000,000 drams. To launched the Capital Campaign for the
    foundation of the “Kharatian Experiential Center for the Performing Arts in
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